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Chlorine stain remover

Spot remover to stains and discolorations of the catering origin. Eliminates unpleasant smells - of animal origin or incurred in the result of putrefactive processes. Can be used in the set with Texwash, Textil and Textil-ex products and as bleach and spot remover to natural fibres about long-lasting colours (after the previously performed on the sample ). Recommended to textile surfaces artificial - e.g. polyester, polamid, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, polyacrylate). Biodegradable.


Natural and artificial textile areas about permanent colors, (fresh stains ), bedclothes (bleaching )

Methods of use

preparation should be used before the main wash

Use a solution: stain remover – 1:10 with water (10% solution ),

bleaching -1:20 with water (5% solution )

washing solution 1% TopPLAM Clor + 4% Textile

Apply on the dirty fabric, leave for about 1÷2 hours;

Carry out basic cleaning – shampoo or extracting washing ;

Rinse with clean water 

For eliminate foam use De Foam