TENZI Powder EX 0.5kg washing powder for carpets

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7.00 €
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Washing carpets, upholsteries and fitted carpets with extraction method

Washing powder. Intended to apply with extraction method with using dosing - suction devices. Removes stains and organic contaminants do not causing damage to the material. It does not leave white deposits. The content of enzymes is assisting scavenging of juices, tea, coffee and etc. Highly efficient  (1% solution).


Upholstery, carpets, roof lining (textile)

Methods of use

Upholsteries, carpets, floor covering: before use test color permanence. Prepare a working solution 10 g / 1 l of water and spray with the sprinkler. For heavy contamination brush and vacuum. Spray with water (temp to 60 °C) and suck dirt out with washing vacuum cleaner. Roof lining: Soak a sponge / rag with 1% solution and wipe the surface. Then wipe the surface with sponge /rag soak in clean water. Wipe the excess of the damp with the dry rag.