TENZI Prodetailing PR 0.7L + applicators 2 pcs.

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Prodetailing PR 700ml tire protection kit + tire applicator 2 pcs.

TENZI Prodetailing PR 700 ml

Innovative dressing with the consistency of a milk to protect plastic and rubber surfaces.

The unique formula based on quartz works both as a protection of new elements and a restorer of clearly faded materials. Creates a flexible hydrophobic layer that prevents dirt from settling and restores the original color of the material. Spread on a clean and dry surface using an applicator and allow to absorb. Repeat to enhance the effect.

Tire applicator, yellow-black 2 pcs.

A convenient, two-piece applicator for applying dressings to the surface of tires.

Thanks to the hard, yellow part and the soft, rounded black part, it provides comfort of use and precise coverage of the tire surface in a short time.