Prodetailing LEATHER kit 3x0.7L pure leather

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Tenzi Skin Cleaning and Care Kit

The kit includes:

Tenzi Leather Wash & Care DP21/700 700ml

Tenzi Leather Cleaner DP19/700 700ml

Tenzi Leather Conditioner DP20/700 700ml

Professional liquid for systematical care of natural and synthetic leather surfaces.

Dissolves the daily dirt and leaves thin protective layer. Spray on vacuumed surface and wipe with microfibre towel.

ready to use, effective cleaner for natural and synthetic leather.

Deeply cleans even old dirt preparing the surface ready for protection coating.

Spray onto a dirty surface, brush thoroughly and then wipe with microfibre towel. Remember to test the product on small part to check leather dye persistency. Product is not dedicated for suede, nubuck or oil-impregnated leather.

Professional impregnating cream for natural and synthetic leather.

Protects from UV rays, water and cracking. Brings natural look and softness without a shine.

Spread evenly onto a clean leather surface with applicator and leave to dry. For better effect apply more layers. Do not use onto suede or nubuck.