Dishwasher set DIW 10L + SIMO 5L

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Dishwasher set DIW 10 L + SIMO 5 L


Washing dishes in dishwashers - anti-corrosive. Concentrated high alkaline low foaming dishwashing liquid for dishwashers. Recommended for glass and aluminum dishes. Due to the presence of active fillers, it perfectly moisturizes washed surfaces, easily removing food-borne contaminants from them, and at the same time has anti-corrosive effect preventing the destruction of washed dishes. In addition, it prevents yellowing of plastic dishes. Odorless. It has PZH certificate.


Rinsing and polishing dishes. A concentrated, slightly acidic preparation with a green apple scent for rinsing and polishing dishes in gastronomic and industrial dishwashers based on a non-ionic surfactant. Perfectly moisturizes and shines rinsed surfaces, as a result they are free of streaks and stains. A small amount of glutaraldehyde makes the preparation have fixing properties, and the dishes, in addition to perfect gloss, are perfectly clean. After drying, the dishes do not require additional polishing. It has PZH certificate