Bucket trolley on wheels KING-SET 15L a mop set with a small squeezer

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220.00 €
VAT included

The trolley with wheels for cleaning with an integrated bucket (so-called all in one)

has an attached jaw wringer suitable for all universal mops.

The equipment is designed to clean surfaces using both flat and string mops. The product is ideal for cleaning small offices or apartments.

Light and manoeuvrable, made of polypropylene (plastic). Thanks to good workmanship, the stroller is stable, and thanks to its maneuverable wheels it is very mobile. Single-chamber trolleys of this type are one of the simplest products in our offer. The product is made in the European Union and is more durable than most Asian competitors. The set includes a 3-piece metal pole 130 cm, speedy frame 40 cm and a polyester insert.

The kit includes:

1.cleaning wheel trolley with integrated bucket

2. jaw wringer

3. Metal stick (3 parts) 130 cm,

4. 40 cm speedy frame

5. 40 cm polyester cartridge

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