BKF LAVA vacuum cleaner + Textil Wash 1L + DeFoam 1L

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633.00 €
VAT included

BKF LAVA washing vacuum cleaner in a set with Tenzi DeFoam skimmer and a concentrate for washing Textil Wash upholstery and carpets

BKF LAVA washing vacuum cleaner for professional and home use, designed for comprehensive cleaning of residential, office, hotel, shop, etc. rooms. It meets the high requirements for professional use: it has a strong structure, a modern motor with an independent cooling system and a multi-stage filtration system. The standard equipment includes all the accessories needed for vacuuming, cleaning and washing.

TENZI DeFoam 1l skimmer Ready-to-use anti-foam agent in dirty water tanks

TENZI Textil Wash concentrate 1l Preparation for washing textile surfaces using the extraction method or by hand - with a brush or sponge. It has cleaning and degreasing properties. Brings colors to life. Recommended for the ongoing cleaning and refreshing of all types of textile surfaces.