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Quartz - ceramic paint protection

Quartz - ceramic paint protection - durable hydrophobic effect. Flexible professional product based on oligomer prepolymer Si14O2. Due to its new improved formula provides the perfect look and paint protection. Creates a superhydrophobic coating which thanks to its flexibility is more resistant to damage. Q10 is a guarantee of long-lasting and durable protection against moisture, salt, weather conditions and UV rays. Enhances the depth and clarity of paintwork creating a mirror finish

The application must be carried out at a temperature of 18-20 °C, preferably in a room; apply Q 10 to clean and free of oil and grease car paint with an applicator; leave for approx. 10 minutes (bonding time) - working one section at a time.Remove excess product and buff lightly with microfibre cloth to a "mirror finish";Repeat the application 3 times at intervals of approx. 3 hours (3 layers recommended);after applying the last layer the time of self- hardening is at least 8  hours. Attention: Do not apply Q10 to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight