ProDetailing R1 250ml

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Quartz ceramic protection for wheel rims - heat-resistant

Quartz Wheel rims protection - temperature resistance. Unique quartz protective coating  for car wheel rims. Its formula provides a smooth finish and hydrophobic protection. This coating guarantees long-lasting and durable protection against brake-dust particles, moisture, corrosion, dirt, salt and weather conditions. Creates "an additional layer of protection" and increases the impact and scratch resistance

The application must be carried out at a temperature of 18-20 °, preferably in a room;apply R1 to clean and free of oil and grease surface of wheel rims with an applicator; leave for approx. 7-8 minutes (bonding time) ). Remove excess product and buff gently with a microfibre cloth to a "mirror finish; after applying the last layer the time of self- hardening is at least 8  hours.. Attention: Do not apply R1 to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.