ProDetailing Car SHINE 0.7L

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8.00 €
VAT included

Professional gloss booster and finish for clean car paint, glass and chrome.

Removes light dust and waterspots and is safe for every kind of coating. Makes the surface smooth and shiny.

Spray directly and wipe with microfiber cloth – no need to buff.

How to apply the product:

1. Spray directly onto surface.

2. Wipe with microfiber towel and leave it to dry. No need to buff.

It is good to know that:

1. Use no more than one sprayer shot on 1 square meter of surface.

2. If the product leaves streaks and is difficult to buff then you should use less of it.

What you need to know

The product is safe for paint, glass, plastics, rubber and all kinds of coatings.