TENZI Laminated panels 1L

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Laminated panels, Laminate floor cleaner

An effective product for daily cleaning of laminate floors. Easily removes general dirt (removes smudges, streaky marks) and dust. Maintains natural properties of cleaned surfaces. Ideal for cleaning and maintaining laminate floors and wall panels as well as veneer furniture and varnished wood. Leaves a streak free finish.

Designation: laminated panels - floor and wall, wooden and wood-like panels, furniture veneers, varnished wood

Method of use :Suitable for mop or machine application. Daily cleaning - prepare 0,5-1% solution (50-100ml/10l of water). Deep cleaning - 2% solution (200ml/10l of water). Apply the solution to the surface using a mop or cloth, wipe dry and buff  to achieve the desired results. Clean up the floor with a damp mop only. No rinsing is required.