TENZI Gran Smog 20L

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Gran Smog

Heavy duty grill and oven cleaner

Alkaline concentrated detergent for cleaning smoking chambers, grills and grates, ovens, fireplaces, stoves. Effectively removes burned-on grease, soot,  leaving the surface sparkling clean. Contains anti-corrosive agent. Can be used in hard water areas. Suitable for removing old floor polishes. Removes soot and smoke film caused by fires from all surfaces.

Designation :Ovens, bakery tunnels , grills, fireplaces, smoking chambers, chimneys smoke extraction.

Method of use:stubborn layers of grease: dilute 3-4l/10 l of water;soot and smoke soiling (after fire) and old floor polishes - dilute 3-4l / 10l of water; daily cleaning - dilute 500-1000ml/10l of water; the temperature of water - 40-60°C;  contact time - 30 minutes; rinse with clean hot water and leave to dry.