TENZI Gran Qat 1L concentrate

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GranQat Current cleaning and disinfection – neutral

A concentrated neutral detergent for regular cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in food industry, catering establishments. Provides effective bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Safe on all washable surfaces. Recommended for disinfecting   chillers, counters, slicers, sanitary equipments, car interiors. Dermatologically tested. The biocidal product authorisation No 3155/07.

Designation:Kitchen furniture, shelves, tables.Cash desks, tops, counters.Machinery and equipment in the food industry having direct contact with food (slicers, meat grinding machine      ect.).Refridgerators,freezers of cold shelves.Glass and glass surface

Method of use:always read and follow label directions; disinfection - use water at a temperature of 20°C; killing bacteria - prepare 2% solution (200ml/10l of water),allow 5 minutes contact time; killing fungi - prepare 2% solution (200ml/10l of water),allow 15 minutes contact time; food contact surfaces must be rinsed with clean water; wipe dry.