3-PAK QUARTZ COAT promo pack

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60.00 €
VAT included

a promo set for protection, cleaning and care

Quartz Coat

Professional quartz-ceramic coating for long term paint protection. It provides excellent gloss with extra water beading effect. Protects from scratches and UV rays. Slows down dirt settlement and paint matting process. Elastic quartz-ceramic coating excellently suits for all painted elements, both metal and plastic. Quartz Coat should be applied indoor in temperature 18-26°C 

Quartz Shampoo

Revolutionary car shampoo that creates quartz coating on washed surfaces. It drastically improves paintwork appearance, protects it from atmospheric conditions and hinders dirt settling. The main feature of this quartz shampoo is its high hydrophobicity. Liquid quartz contained in Quartz Shampoo diminish foam creation, but it doesn't weaken the washing properties of the shampoo at all. Every next usage of this shampoo prolongs the lifetime of quartz coating.

Quartz Spray

Innovative product based on car body protection nanotechnology. Unique formula of this product, which contains particles of the liquid quartz, provides long-lasting protection and gloss to the car paint which enhances its colour depth and protects it from atmospheric conditions and UV rays. Product provides super hydrophobic effect on the car body and windows. It may be used on dry and wet car paint. Very easy in use.