TENZI ALCOVIREX 5L universal desinfection

Specific References

33.00 €
VAT included

Hands and surface disinfection with a virucidal effect

Product for hygienic hand disinfection and surface disinfection with a virucidal effect. Recommended for disinfecting metal, laminated, glass, ceramics, door handles, handrails, handles, office equipment, cell phones, payment terminals etc.


public institutions (nurseries, kindergartens, schools, offices)

contact with food (gastronomy, food industry)

medical practices (health services)


Do not dilute it with water.

Hands disinfection:

Rub 3ml of the product into your hands for 30 seconds. This time is synonymous with double repeat of the process. Leave it to dry off on its own.

Surface disinfection: 

Apply the product to the surface, leave for 5 minutes and then wipe dry.