TENZI Rollex G-Wax Jasmine 25L

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215.00 €
VAT included

Highly concentrated wax (polymer) for polishing and maintenance of car bodies with a jasmine scent. Perfectly protects varnishes against the negative influence of atmospheric factors (temperature, humidity), to a large extent reduces the effect of UV radiation.

It facilitates the drainage of water, thus accelerating the drying process without additional air blowing (hydrophobic effect). Recommended for all types of car washes with an automatic dosing system after thorough washing of the vehicle (as a rinse aid and dryer).


passenger cars, vans, trucks

Directions for use:

-Make Premix 1: 2.5 with water (preferably demineralized)

-Set a concentration of 0.2% to 0.4% on the dispenser, the concentration on the output will be 0.097% (1: 1666) to 0.11%

-Apply and thoroughly spread the solution over the entire surface of the vehicle (softened water at a temperature of 20-30 C. After a while, wash off the excess with demineralized water under pressure and leave it to dry.

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