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PRE SOAK MEGA PLUS 25L strong initial spraying for car washes

Highly concentrated preparation for pre-cleaning all surfaces of the car from impurities such as sand, mud, plant pollen, soot, fresh bird droppings.

It is characterized by efficiency, effectiveness and speed of action. Recommended for all types of car washes with an automatic dosing system. Safe for expensive and delicate body finish elements. It leaves the surface pre-cleaned and ready for main washing.


passenger cars, vans, trucks

Directions for use:

Set a concentration of 0.2% (1: 900) on the dispenser.

Apply the solution and spread it thoroughly over the entire surface of the vehicle.

After a while (1-2 minutes), rinse off the remaining dirt with cold running water under pressure.

Note: The pre-spray systems use softened water.

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