TENZI Powder PF JASMINE phosphate-free washing powder 25kg

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170.00 €
VAT included

Powder for touchless car washes Powder PF, phosphate-free, jasmine

Phosphate-free powder for pressure washing of passenger cars and vans in self-service self-service powder washes. It contains a large amount of complexing compounds, which additionally soften the water, while facilitating and accelerating the moistening of the surface, which results in quick removal of dirt. Effectively removes road and operational dirt. Works with softened water with a temperature above 30 ° C

The bulk density of the product is 0.99 g cm3

Capacity: 12-18 g / min

Great price when you buy 30 pcs. (1 pallet)


passenger cars, vans, trucks

Directions for use:

Pour the powder into the dispenser

Program consumption for 1 min (check the washing effect)

Wash off road dirt by spreading the working solution on the car body, once at a time, at close range.

Rinse with clean running water (according to the car wash program)

The use of demineralized water significantly improves the visual effect of the car body after rinsing

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